Precision and master craftsmanship in our in-house watch workshop

At the core of our services lies the impeccable craftsmanship of our Master Watchmaker, Maximilian Carmann. In our state-of-the-art workshop, every timepiece – be it a wristwatch or a pendulum clock – undergoes a meticulous inspection, and if required, receives professional revision or repair.

Complex technology meets traditional watchmaking craftsmanship

Our service atelier is a blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional watchmaking artistry. Armed with decades of experience and precision, we are capable of detecting and rectifying malfunctions in your wristwatch at the earliest stages.

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Careful inspection and certification of used watches

Pre-owned watches receive particularly rigorous scrutiny in our workshop. No timepiece departs our store without first undergoing a comprehensive assessment by our master watchmaker. Each watch, both externally and internally, is inspected and certified for flawless functionality and authenticity.

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Our promise: quality and authenticity

We recognize the paramount importance of your timepiece running with unfailing precision. Our commitment to you: every watch departing our workshop has been rigorously tested for top-tier quality and authenticity. You can trust in our dedication and deep-rooted passion for timepieces.